Table of Contents of Job Search Guide

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1 Ways to Find a New Job
2 The Job Search Plan
3 Protecting Your Mental Health While Job Searching
4 How to Get Your First Job Without Experience
5 How to Get a Good Job After Age Fifty
– What Else You Should Know
6 Digital Footprint
– How to Tidy up Your Digital Footprint Before Your Job Search
7 The Resume
– Should You Write Your Resume in First or Third Person?
– How to Write a Great Resume
– Resume Header
– Resume Headline
– Resume Summary and Objective
– Work Experience & Key Achievements
– Skills
– Active Verbs
– Resume Length
– How to Shorten Your Resume
8 How to Get Your Resume Noticed
– Before You Send Your Resume
9 The Cover Letter
– Cover Letter Length
10 LinkedIn and Your Personal Brand
– How to Create a Better LinkedIn Profile
– How to Structure a Perfect LinkedIn Profile
– How to Reach People Through LinkedIn Invitations
– Grow Your Network
– Personal Brand as Freelancer
11 Let People Know You’re Open to Work
12 How a Personal Brand Can Help Your Job Hunt
– Build Your Brand
– Your Brand During Your Job Hunt
13 Job Application Tips
14 How to Spot Scam Job Advertisements
15 The Hidden Job Market
16 How to Apply for a Job Even If the Company Isn’t Hiring
17 How to Attract Employers’ Attention
18 How to Attract the Attention of Recruiters
19 How to Find a Recruiter’s Professional Details
20 How to Communicate with Recruiters
– How to Contact Recruiters via Email
21 How to Use a Recruitment Agency to Find a Job
22 Preparing for an Interview
– How to Research a Company for a Job Interview
– How to Prepare for an Interview
23 How to Ace Your Chatbot Interview
24 How to Ace a Phone Interview
– Phone Interview Tips That Will Land You a Second Interview
25 How to Ace a Video Interview
26 The On-site Interview
27 The Salary
– How to Answer Salary Expectation Questions
– How to Answer Salary Expectation Questions as a Freelancer
28 Types of Interviews and Interview Methods
29 Types of Interview Questions
30 Behavioral Interview Questions
31 Most Common Interview Questions
32 Illegal Interview Questions
33 Questions You Should Ask in Your Job Interview
34 Why You Didn’t Get Picked for an Interview
35 What to Do During an Interview
– What Not to Do or Say in a Job Interview
36 Psychometric Test
– Feedback from a Pro
37 How to Ask for Feedback After an Interview
– How to Ask for Feedback
– When to Ask for Feedback
– How to Ask for Feedback
– Things You Should and Should Not Do When Asking for Feedback
– The Best Follow-up Method
– The Meaning of Generic Feedback
38 How to Cope with Rejection While Job Hunting
39 How to Negotiate Your Salary
40 The Counteroffer
– Reasons Not to Accept a Counteroffer
41 How to Respond to a Job Offer
– How to Inform the Company
42 Quitting Your Job with Grace
43 Career Coaches
44 Why Constant Learning Is Critical to Your Career
45 Epilogue

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