How to avoid common mistakes that could ruin your interview

common mistakes

Question: What kinds of red flags exist for recruiters?

Answer: This question is so hard to answer because different recruiters are looking for different things.

Some recruiters might consider a resume with grammatical errors to be a red flag, while others might not even notice.

The same can be said for interviews; some recruiters might view fidgeting or lack of eye contact as a sign of nerves, while others might interpret it as a sign of dishonesty.

In short, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

But there are some general red flags for recruiters:
– A lack of professionalism
– Inconsistency in a person’s resume and LinkedIn profile
– Short job tenures and gaps in employment (yes, this is a still red flag for some recruiters) 🙁
– Unprofessional photos
– Inappropriate questions or comments (on social media/during an interview)

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